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USA Water Polo Announces Partnership with RockTape as Official Sponsor and Kinesiology Tape Supplier Through 2020

USA Water Polo and RockTape’s partnership provides kinesiology tape, topicals, and mobility tools to USA Water Polo’s teams through the 2020 Olympic Games

Huntington Beach, CA – September XX, 2015 – RockTape, Inc., an industry leader in kinesiology tape has joined USA Water Polo as an official sponsor and official kinesiology tape through the 2020 Olympic Games. As part of the agreement RockTape will provide USA Water Polo’s National Teams with product to help prevent and treat injuries during training and competition. USA Water Polo members will also be provided with an exclusive discount code to use on product throughout the partnership.  Members can access the 20% discount by visiting http://deals.rocktape.com and entering the access code: USAWP2015

“We’re incredibly excited to be partnered with USA Water Polo,” said Greg van den Dries, CEO of RockTape. “Water Polo is a thrilling, taxing sport and we love that we’re in a position to keep all of team USA’s athletes moving stronger, longer in the water.” As to why RockTape is the perfect partner: “There’s no other kinesiology tape that can stand up to the demands of this sport. Kinesiology tape has to stay on to be effective. RockTape stays put, no matter what Team USA throws at it.” read more…

Welcome Ashley Horner to team RockTape!

RockTape is proud to announce a new partnership (some would call it an awesome friendship…) with Ashley Horner! Who’s Ashley? She’s an incredible, all-American badass that loves to inspire men and women, young and old, to be the BEST they can be.

She’s also our gorgeous model for our NEW soon-to-be-released taping videos. We shot nearly 30 videos with her, and we’ll be launching them very, very soon.

Ashley, we’re amped to have you on team RockTape! Make sure you follow Ashley on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

RockTape introduces RockTapeRx Kinesiology Tape with Gentler Adhesive for Special Patient Populations

RockTapeRx expands RockTape’s comprehensive kinesiology tape line with a new gentle tape designed for the elderly, children, and other special-needs patients

Campbell, California – September 8th, 2015 – RockTape, a leader in sports medicine products and education, is proud to introduce RockTapeRx, a new gentle kinesiology tape with the same outstanding stretch characteristics as RockTape’s sport-focused kinesiology tapes.

“We’ve always been a performance-oriented brand,” said Greg van den Dries, CEO of RockTape. “As we grew, it became clear we needed to offer the quality of RockTape to a whole new group of customers with special needs.”

RockTapeRx’s new gentle adhesive is ideal for special patient populations, including children, the elderly, those with neurological disorders, and women who are pregnant. It’s also a great option for those with sensitive skin. read more…

Ed's Take: Clinical Studies and Proven Health Benefits of Using Kinesiology Tape

An article posted by Mueller

After the hype it received in the 2008 Olympic games, researchers decided it was time to test the support and healing properties associated with kinesiology tape use. The Journal of Orthopedic & Sports Physical Therapy published the study which consisted of patients who suffered from various orthopedic injuries. One set of test subjects were simply wrapped with the tape, the other patients involved in the study were wrapped with the tape using various proven methods. The study concluded that the patients who were wrapped with the tape using specific methods saw a dramatic improvement in mobility, joint and muscle health, and pain reduction during physical activity.

Ed Le Cara’s Take – A nice short blog regarding benefits of Kinesiology Taping.  At RockTape we believe that pre-cuts do not provide optimal results and thus we encourage our clinicians to cut their own tape.

We provide a framework for taping applications but believe the most important part about taping is pre and post testing the effected area to make sure the desired outcome is seen. Incorrect taping applications do not really exist. Either the tape improves the condition or does not.  A framework approach to taping applications takes the memorization out of learning the techniques. The emphasis is on outcomes.  


RockTape and USA Diving announce new partnership

USA Diving is pleased to announce a long‐term agreement with RockTape, an industry leader in sports medicine products. With this new partnership, RockTape will serve as the official supplier of kinesiology tape for USA Diving.

RockTape aids in the recovery of fatigued muscles, supports and enhances muscular contraction, increases circulation and allows injuries to heal better. Divers are able to train better and longer without risk of overuse.

“Diving can be very demanding on the body. RockTape helps with training and recovery, and our new partnership will be a valuable asset for our athletes as they strive to perform at their best,” said Linda Paul, President and CEO of USA Diving. read more…

Our own Paul Coker on Kinesiology Tape Lies

Our very own RockTape UK’s Paul Coker wrote up a great piece over at Breaking Muscle about

My experience of sticking tape on thousands of patients, running hundreds of taping workshops for health professionals, and taping myself whenever I hurt, is that tape works. It does cool and surprising stuff to reduce pain and improve movement. But I also hear a whole load of nonsense, misinformation, and misconceptions about kinesiology tape and what it does.
Here are four most commons myths I hear, along with reasoning to the contrary.