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Little Bit of Tape

Regular Price: $160
Your Price: $69

Just the (awesome) basics of RockTape! This kit includes 6 standard rolls of RockTape, and 1 roll of our Mini Big Daddy.

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Little Bit of Everything

Regular Price: $260
Your Price: $99

Get everything that makes RockTape Awesome! 6 Rolls of RockTape, 2 Mini Big Daddy Rolls, 1 RockSauce Chill Roll-On, 1 Bottle of RockSauce, 1 Set of RockBalls, and 1 RockBand! WOW!

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Whole Lotta Tape

Regular Price: $475
Your Price: $199

The BEST value with the MOST RockTape! Get 18 standard rolls of RockTape, 2 rolls of Mini Big Daddy, 1 bottle of RockSauce Chill, and 1 bottle of RockSauce! Don’t forget to check out our Whole Lotta Tape FUN for wild colors and patterns!

Use code Summit2015 at checkout to get special pricing.

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